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The salwar kameez and saree are two types of clothing native to the Indian subcontinent. If you're confused about what to wear at your BFF's wedding, without any second thoughts opt for skirt salwars. Fusion of comfort and grace: Apart from suiting women of all sizes, the Salwar Kameez is also known to add grace to a woman's beauty. 100% Original Pakistani Salwar Suits.

We included more than a couple of her salwar designs in this catalog because of the realistic and simplicity element that took the front seat this time, most of which were ready-to-wear garb. Kolhapuri chappals have previously ruled the footwear fashion and is back with many new designs.

A palette of rich jewel tones accentuated with shimmering and intricate zari embroidery along with a dash of stonework pronounce ladies fashion in Indian ethnic clothing stand out from the western wear. Bridal dress style will loose its all essence if not worn of the right color, thus must choose the colors and shades that perfectly complement bride and her dress.

Wearing clothing that is indecent by Indian standards is insulting to the latest fashion culture, and it also gives men the idea that you are available for sexual favors to anyone who wants you - even if your behavior emphatically indicates the opposite. These days there are so many amazing designers for ethnical clothing that it's really great to wear it. Though it does look odd in Goa :) (tried it and felt like weirdo).

Weddings are the best time to shop for your choicest of ethnic Indian wear and it is a wedding gown, a bridal saree or a bridal lehenga that could well make a difference to your style, looks, beauty and appeal on that special day. Indian women in the northern city of Chandigarh, many dressed in salwar kameez, stand in line to vote.

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